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Our Services Brow Ink Services Classic Powder Brow

Classic Powder Brows


Brows to be ‘seen’ but not hard! Powder eyebrows deliver a defined but softly applied makeup look. Suitable for combination to oily skin types.

Our Services Brow Ink Soft Ombre Powder Brows

Soft Ombre Powder Brows


Super soft shading to mimic lightly smudged shadow for a natural looking brow.

Our Services Brow Ink Lash Enhancement Eyeliner

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner


Very subtle eyeliner that stays within the lash line to make lashes appear thicker and darker. Great for those wanting a natural look.

Our Services Brow Ink Smokey Lash Eyeliner

Smokey Lash Eyeliner


A blended smokey look more visible than a lash enhancement, with soft edges and density in the lash line. Great for everyday wear.

Our Services Brow Ink Upper Lower Eyeliner

Upper and Lower Eyeliner


A more classic eyeliner on top and more subtle liner on the lower. Great everyday basic makeup look.

Our Services Brow Ink Baby Wing Eyeliner

Baby Wing Eyeliner


This is a dramatic yet more subtle designer liner than Designer Wing Eyeliner. The client must have ‘room’ for this style and be pre-approved by submitted photos.

Our Services Brow Ink Designer Wing Eyeliner

Designer Wing Eyeliner


STOP drawing it on!! This BOLD dramatic look is sometimes called CAT-EYE or WINGED eyeliner. Be smokin’ hot permanently!  The client must have ‘room’ for this style and be pre-approved by submitted photos.

Our Services Brow Ink Lash Lift Tint

Lash Lift and Tint


Enhance your own lashes!! A natural alternative to lash extensions. Lasts up to 6 weeks.

Our Services Brow Ink Lips Contour Full Lip Colour

Lips Contour and Full Lip Colour


Definition to natural lip line with full lip colour. We can customize a lovely lip color just for you!

Brow Ink Our Services Consultation

Free Consultation


We discuss your desired look and colour in our professional, comfortable, Licensed and Interior Health Approved studio.

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